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Colorado State University – Good Neighbor Program

This program is launching July 2022. Stay tuned for more updates!

The Good Neighbor Program is a project developed by the Off-Campus Life Office of Colorado State University in partnership with the City of Fort Collins, Colorado State University, and individual property management groups. The program serves to provide more education to CSU students in the housing process, provide accountability for equitable and fair leasing practices, and facilitate communication between property managers and their tenants.

What is a Good Neighbor?

A Good Neighbor is a property which upholds ethical business practices, promotes positive tenant relations, and strives to create a positive student housing experience through education, communication, and good faith practices.

This property is a certified member of the Good Neighbor Program and has agreed to the following standards, with regard to the tenant relations. Good Neighbor properties must:

Promote a healthy living environment through community awareness, responsibility, cooperation, and good neighbor practices. This may include information being posted in the front lobby, information provided in property newsletter, etc.

Operations with ethical business practices, non-predatory leasing, and good faith practices. 

Demonstrate fair and reputable business practices, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Provide each tenant with a Good Neighbor Tenant Education Page at the time of lease signing.
  • Provide accurate information and images of the property on websites and marketing materials.
  • Make prospective tenants fully aware of any differences between a model unit and the actual property to be occupied.
  • Provide clear information on all contractual terms, in particular length of the lease term and rent.
  • Provide a summary of, and clear information about, any additional costs not included in the rent.
  • Provide clear information about additional requirements a prospective tenant may have to meet for rental such as a guarantor, credit, or background check.
  • Provide each tenant with a copy of their signed lease or access to an electronic copy of their signed lease within three (3) business days of the lease being executed.
  • Provide each tenant with a written list or access to an electronic version of the customary fees/fines assessed for damages, repairs, or services charged during the lease or at move out.
  • Provide each tenant procedures on how they should report repair or maintenance issues.
  • Carry out repairs within a reasonable time, as reviewed by the Good Neighbor Collaboration Board
  • Provide clear information on any additional requirements a student may have to meet for rental and any increased costs for which they are liable, i.e., international, foreign exchange, independent students.
  • Notify Off-Campus Life staff members of any management change and updated contacted information within a reasonably prompt time period.

Take reasonable and prompt action to prevent or reduce disputes or conflicts.

Refrain from use of marketing strategies, advertisements, webpage, or social media postings that include excessive alcohol consumption, racial insensitivity, sexually exploitative content, or behavior disruptive to other tenants or neighbors.

Refrain from promotional materials that include items related to alcohol consumption such as red cups, bottle openers, ping pong balls, shot glasses, alcohol logos, etc.

Refrain from management or staff providing alcohol at on-site gatherings.

Actively promote responsible alcohol consumption at on-site and off-site events if sponsored by management (i.e., restaurants, bars).

Display a Good Neighbor Program poster in a public place at the leasing office or on-site reception area of the property and include Good Neighbor logo on websites and printed materials. Refrain from property sponsored event or practice that could bring discredit on the Good Neighbor program, CSU, or City of Fort Collins.

Complete a CPTED evaluation with Fort Collins Police Services once a year.

Provide all staff with visible and legible identification. This may include nametags, uniforms with property logo, etc.

Comply with current HUD, ADA Fair Housing Regulations, and City of Fort Collins Building Codes.

Students and tenants play an important role in assuring the upkeep of these criteria at member’s properties. Tenants may report violations of these standards to the Off-Campus Life Office by emailing concerns to the Property Management Liaison, Stevie Jorgensen.

Stevie Jorgensen,

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