OCL Pets

A small white dog smelling an orange flower

Bitsy, Supreme Director

Bitsy, (a.k.a. Lilou, Tinsy-Tiny, Supreme Being and Ruler of the Universe) is a natural born leader and always in full control. You might have seen her sleeping on the job, but really she was monitoring your every move, you just didn’t know it. Bitsy was in such demand that she was called away to other galaxies in need of her leadership. But worry not, she is omnipresent and still keeping an eye out on us here at Off-Campus Life.

Two corgi mixes sitting in the back of a car

Neville & Luna, PAWgram Coordinators

Neville is a Pit Bull/Corgi mix. He has short legs, a long body, and a huge heart. Neville is stoic, calm, and patient. He takes care of Luna and his humans. His resume states that he has strengths in giving a mad side eye and telling Luna what to do. With his short legs, he can’t run very fast, and has hopes of one day catching a squirrel or a bunny.

Luna is a mini Australian Shepard/Corgi mix. She is energetic, independent during the day, and a cuddler at night. She likes to tease Neville for being a goody good, and ignores her humans. She enjoys spinning in circles, enticing dogs much larger than herself, and eating snow. She has hopes of one day competing in the winter Olympics.

A cute white dog laying on the ground

Kona, Assistant to the Supreme Director

My name is Kona and I am a 9 year old husky-lab mix. Outside of OCL, I am equally comfortable indoors and outdoors. I have a natural ability to look royal anywhere I roam and my thick coat solidifies this appearance – this makes my humans call me King Kona which I approve since it is a fitting royal title. If you deliver a package I will probably howl to alert you that you are entering my domain, so I suggest leaving whatever ware you are peddling with the neighbor. Rabbits be warned – I slowly stalk my prey across the yard and I am a master of stealth and secrecy. If you throw a toy my way, I will pounce on it like a cat and chew it until I am content. I love to nap in the sun and take long walks with my humans. I often meditate on life’s many possibilities by sitting outside watching the wind blow through the trees on a daily basis – remember self-care is very important!

A cute tan dog sitting and looking off to the right

Nittany, Bark-eting Director

My name is Nittany and smells are my specialty. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I have a super-canine ability to smell the exact same resting spot of a rabbit for several minutes every time I go outside, even if the rabbit hasn’t been there for weeks. I am a 12 year-old border collie/hound mix, and while I could care less about other dogs or the actual rabbits in my yard, I’ll do anything to be petted. I’m named after the Penn State Nittany Lions, as my male owner is a life-long fan, but I wear a Florida Gators collar, as both my owners went to the best school in the land. I can sense when popcorn is made or carrots are chopped from many rooms away, plus I can lay down in the exact most intrusive spot on the kitchen floor when dinner is made. I’m a shedding machine, capable of depositing about a half-pound of hair a day around the house, so I’d recommend buying stock in Dyson if you haven’t already.

A shih tzu sitting up on its hind legs and looking at the camera with its tongue hanging out

Tanner, Graph-fur Designer

Tanner is an 11 year old Shih Tzu. Outside of OCL, he enjoys sleeping, eating, and sleeping. Other favorite hobbies include playing with his football, watching Kids Baking Championship on Food Network, and striking fierce poses at any opportune moment. He also enjoys sleeping. He hopes to set the Guiness World Record for longest dog nap.

A black dog with a white chest and brown eyes

Foster, PAWgram Intern

Foster is a 4 year old lab cattle dog mix. His friendly and lovable personality makes him the perfect intern for OCL. In his free time, Foster loves to make new friends at the dog park, go on hikes, and add more bones to his collection. He aspires to be the goodest boy on campus, and with his 10 star Yelp rating, he is well on his way there.

A corgi sitting in the grass and looking at the camera

Boo, PAWgram Assistant

Boo is a purebred Corgi puppy. Born a hard worker, she has been with OCL as a PAWgram Assistant ever since she was 1 day old. In her free time, Boo enjoys going to the dog park, tipping over her food and water bowls, and barking for hours on end. She is also a cheese connoisseur and someday hopes to manage her own cheese production factory.

A brown and white dog sitting in front of a flower bush and looking at the camera

Daisy, Bark-eting Intern

Daisy is a crazy, energetic foxhound mix rescued from Texas. She loves going on long walks and making new friends. Daisy lives with two other dogs who love to all chase each other around their big back yard. Daisy also loves cuddling with her owners and giving lots of kisses to anyone and everyone she meets. Don’t tell anyone, but she still chases her tail. Daisy is a good girl who loves to please.

A gray dog sitting in the grass and looking off to the left

Maggie, PAWgram Assistant

My name is Maggie and I’m an all American mutt. I like to go on long walks and sit in the sun and get tan. I often give my owners sass when they don’t give me enough attention. I am super friendly and love all humans. I also like to be lazy and nap often to rest up. I am also an excellent hiking companion who sometimes has to push my owners to keep going. I don’t think I would want another dog in the house, because I really do enjoy getting all the love. I’m super spoiled and get lots of treats everyday. Randomly I do get separation anxiety and my humans know better than to leave shoes laying around. I aspire to protect my humans and show them love at all times!

Two cats, one black and one tortieshell.

Luna & Akela, Website suPURRvisors

Luna and Akela are accomplished supervisors, and their strengths include finding anything edible and getting into it, finding the warmest spot wherever they are, and testing the patience of their 100 pound Great Pyrenees roommate, Leif. They’re cats, so they have a natural ability to act superior in any circumstance, making them ideal supervisors in the OCL office.

Kaycee, Website BARK-eter

Kaycee has a track record of excellent website development skills. Catch her after her morning nap creating new content for Off Campus Life web pages. Kaycee also loves swimming and playing ball in her free time. If you have any snacks she may not be able to work until given one, a quick “ruff” will remind you!

Booger, Off-CampuSsSs Life Marketing Manager

Booger is a seasoned marketer, known for his killer good looks! He thrives in dark humid areas, but loves his daily dose of sunshine. Booger is shy but curious, and he is always running into things because they don’t make glasses small enough for snakes (yet). He is about 5 months old and he is a happy little guy!

Punz, Website DeveloPURR

Rapunzel- AKA THE Punz, Punzie, Punzle, Punz, Rapunz, is a huge homebody and cuddle-bug. Despite her nicknames, she’s terrible at making puns but she tries her best. Her hobbies include: stealing her humans’ books- especially if the humans are actively trying to read the book. She contributes to web development by walking across keyboards and sitting on computers. She is obsessed with cuddles and will get them at the expense of your technology.

Luna, Website DeveloPURR

Luna is a fiesty tabby who enjoys climbing to the highest places she can find her home. She is a menance- some of her facorite activities include: digging up her mom’s plants (bonus points if they’re freshly planted), eating, judging all who enter HER space, and playing with her cat toys. She contributes to web development by constantly trying to ruin her mom’s computer and by distracting her from her work.