Helpful Resources

Plain Language Lease
An example of a typical landlord/tenant contract; in other words, the rental agreement between a tenant and landlord.

Rental Checklist
This can be used by landlords and tenants to establish damages and defaults in a housing unit.

Lease Negotiation Strategies
Strategies to help you get the best deal for yourself

Rental Scam Information
Strategies to avoid rental scams. Don’t forget: Student Legal Services will look over a copy of your lease for free!

The College Student’s Definitive Guide to Rental Agreements
Breaks down the typical lease into core components, explains specific clauses that students should be aware of points out red flags for students to watch out for, and provides a glossary of relevant terms found in many rental agreements.

List of Best Real Estate Websites
This resource provides a side-by-side comparison of popular real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and others. It also allows people to compare search tools and information and includes verified reviews from other consumers.

Sublease Agreement
This is an example contract for the purpose of subletting property, such as renting a room for the summer.

How To Rent a Room in Your Home
Step by step procedure for renting out a room in your home.

Sample Rental Application
An example of what a typical rental application might look like.

In My Area
A localized home services (utilities) comparison shopping site – a one stop shop where you can compare prices and purchase high speed internet, cable, home security, and many other services.

Student Guide to Fair Housing
While “student” is not a protected class in Colorado, there ARE state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination in housing, so be sure to read up and protect yourself.

Eviction Information 
A link to the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension for information on evictions.

Past 30 Days Letter
A printable letter to give to your landlord if you have not received anything about your security deposit 30 days after the lease was terminated.
An online screening resource to help keep private information safe during the housing application stage.

How To Approach Problems With Your Landlord
Tells you anything you need to know, from how to solve repair issues to a suggested strategy to approach problems and solve them.

Notice of Intent to Vacate
A printable notice of intent to vacate and guidelines.

Disagree with Damages Withheld Letter
For renters who did receive a written statement within thirty or sixty days, but who do not agree with the claims of damages.

The Art of Roommating
Hints and language to improve roommate relations.

Roommate Agreement
A roommate contract that can be signed by all roommates outlining the responsibilities and expected behavior of roommates.

Mediation Program 
Free to Fort Collins residents

Conflict Resolution – Student Resolution Center
Free for CSU students

Budget Workbook
A guide to help you stay on track with your expenses from month to month.

The Importance of Credit Reports
Explains why credit reports are beneficial to you.

A “service specifically for roommates that splits utility bills by each roommate, receives payment from roommates, and pays the utilities.” 
Offers several types of financial resource aids, such as educational articles and calculating tools, including a mortgage calculator and a cost-of-living calculator.

Allows you to search for utility, internet, and other home service prices.

Larimer County Conservation Corps
Reduce your utility bills and save water and energy with the Larimer County Conservation Corps’ Water and Energy Program. The home efficiency assessments are available to renters and owners and include education and free installation of appropriate efficiency measures based on the home’s needs such as light bulbs, shower heads, faucet aerators, a clothesline, and a programmable thermostat.

Renter’s Insurance
A great tool to use to protect your belongings against the most unpredictable mishaps.

Credit Card Insider
An educational resource to help people learn about credit cards and how to be financially responsible.

The Simple Dollar
Offers financial articles that cover education, insurance, investments, and general banking.

The College Affordability Guide 
A website that offers students advice on how to save on necessary living expenses not covered by scholarships, grants, or other financial aid.

CSU Surplus Property Services
Students and residents are welcome to purchase furniture, electronics, and other items from CSU surplus for a low price.

Renters Guide 

Students are welcome to view this renters guide to check off this things to look for in your next rental!


Vacation Tips and Precautions
A short list of tips to make sure you leave your home secure before leaving town.

Helpful Hints for Apartment Hunters
A guide that tells you what to look for in an apartment.

The New England Premiere
This apartment hunting checklist can help you narrow down what you’re looking for in an apartment.

Off-Campus Living Tips
Some things to consider when making the decision to live on- or off-campus.

The College Housing Survival Guide
Provides “Resources and Advice on Finding the Right Dorm, the Best Apartment and Solid Roommates Both On- and Off-Campus.” You can also see their Online Degree Guide or check out their Student Loan Guidebook’s Mattress Guide
There’s nothing more crucial in college than a good night’s sleep. Get the best one possible by using this mattress guide!

Renter’s Insurance Reviews
Provides a lot of great information including reviews from consumers, company information and tips for renters and homeowners.

Rental Unit Comparison Sheet
A template to help you evaluate and narrow down your choice of possible rental units.

Student Renter’s Guide
A brief guide for students to read up on, covering information like tenant rights, budgeting tips, roommate tips, etc.

Homeowners Insurance Reviews
Includes a guide to homeowners insurance, detailed company reviews, ratings with data-driven comparisons, and commentary on insurance companies and their policy options.

Safety Tips
Read about resources and tips for staying safe on campus.

Moving Guide
The earth-friendly guide to disposing your unwanted stuff when you move out!

Identity-Based Informational Brochures