Shovel Snowdown

Welcome to the 2021 Shovel Snowdown! We will once again be mailing vouchers for snow shovels to local students. All you have to do is watch the video below, take a quiz on the contents of the video, and fill out a short form with your information.

These vouchers are only redeemable at:

Joseph’s Hardware
2160 W. Drake Rd.
Downtown Ace Hardware
215 S. College Ave.

Once you click the button below, you will be taken to the quiz. The quiz will ask you information presented in the video, so please watch it before you navigate to the quiz. You must answer all the questions correctly in order to reveal the form. You may need to refresh the page if you select an incorrect answer. These vouchers will be sent by mail, so please make sure you put down your mailing address.

The Shovel SnowDown program is intended for students living off-campus in a detached dwelling with public sidewalk shoveling requirements.   Off-campus apartment complexes traditionally take care of shoveling public sidewalks. Students who live in one of the following apartment complexes or something similar and are not required to shovel their public sidewalk will not be receiving a voucher for a free shovel:

The Standard
Stadium Apartments
The District
Union on Plum, Elizabeth, and Alley
Ram’s Village
Campus Crossing at Rams Pointe
The Grove
State on Campus
The OutPost
The Cottages 
On-campus apartments
By clicking the ‘Take the Quiz’ button, you confirm that you are a current CSU student, and that you live somewhere that requires you to clear snow from public sidewalks. We will verify this prior to sending you a voucher, so please do not take the quiz or submit a form if you do not meet the above requirements. If you are not sure if you meet the requirements, please email Nancy Rhodes at
Cam the Ram holding a shovel like it's a guitar

Cam the Ram showing off one of our free shovels with style at the 2019 Shovel Snowdown

Did you know the City of Fort Collins has a snow shoveling ordinance that requires city residents to shovel the public sidewalk adjacent to their property within 24 hours after snow accumulation? Read more about the ordinance here.

To help off-campus students learn more about the ordinance and receive a free snow shovel, Colorado State University’s Off-Campus Life and the City of Fort Collins’ Neighborhood Services are excited to partner for the annual Shovel Snowdown event. 

Shovel Snowdown is an event designed for off-campus students who are required to the shovel the public sidewalk adjacent to their property after a snow storm. Not sure if you’re required to shovel your sidewalk? First check with your apartment complex or HOA. Don’t have one? Call Neighborhood Services to check: 970-224-6046.

Off-Campus Life and Neighborhood Services staff will be giving away 400 FREE SNOW SHOVELS to off-campus students who are required to shovel their sidewalk fall in early October. We give away the snow shovels until we run out, so make sure to keep an eye on our social media for the date and time, and mark your calendar! 

This event is popular. We recommend lining up in advance to make sure you get your shovel! You will need your RamCard (Student ID) with you, and staff will be verifying your off-campus address. If you are not required to shovel your sidewalk this year, please plan to attend this event in a future year when you live in a residence that does require you to shovel. 


An infographic showing the results of the 2019 Shovel Snowdown

The 2021 Shovel Snowdown is over! Please check back later for more information on future Shovel Snowdown events.