Art of Neighboring Brochure

Your actions have an impact, make it a positive one!

 Read more for tips of being a good neighbor and download our Art of Neighboring tool to meet your neighbors! 

Getting to know and communicating with your neighbors is essential to creating a positive and comfortable living environment. Here are a few key tips to good neighboring:

Introduce Yourself: Saying “hello” is your first step in building a strong neighbor relationship and is valuable for future concerns regarding in person interactions. Use the Art of Neighboring brochure to help with this process.

Keep Neighbors Informed: Share contact information and notify your neighbors in advance before undertaking actions that may affect them (e.g. throwing a party, building a fence, or owning a dog).

Be Aware Of Neighborhood Expectations & City Ordinances: Every neighborhood has its own set of additional policies and rules. As you get to know your neighbors, ask them about their expectations of residents.

Respect Differences: Values, age, faith, and ethnicity are some aspects that make an impact on how neighbors go about their daily lives. Be aware and respectful of differences between you and your neighbors.

Ask How You Can Help: Neighborly gestures contribute to a positive and welcoming neighborhood environment and can come back tenfold when you need help.

Be Candid: Respectfully communicate with your neighbor if something is bothering you. Otherwise, take advantage of the free and confidential mediation services offered by the City of Fort Collins Community Mediation Program (970) 224-6022 and if you are a CSU Student – Student Resolution Center (970) 491-7165.