Best places in FoCo for a fun day of play with your puppy pals!


Fort Collins is lush with natural spaces for humans and fur-babies alike. When it comes to being dog-parents, the staff at Off-Campus Life know exactly where to go to give their puppers the space they need to run wild and play all day. 

Here are OCL’s top picks for the best dog walking areas in FoCo! 

  • City Park 

Located on W. Mulberry St. next to the City Park Nine Golf Course, City Park is a hub for outdoor activity in Fort Collins. There, you and your puppy pals are free to explore the vast green open space, as well as enjoy the beautiful Sheldon Lake.  


  • Avery Park & Avery Pond 

This outdoor duo is located in the Avery Park area of Fort Collins, off of Clearview Ave. and S Taft Hill Rd. Avery Park and Avery Pond are perfect if you are looking for something similar to City Park, but on a smaller scale. A little green space tucked away; this area is great for a short walk with man’s best friend.  


  • Red Fox Meadows Natural Area 

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life but can’t spare the time to actually get away? Well Fort Collins has quite a few natural areas to provide you and your pooch with the oasis you need. Take off into nature at Red Fox Meadows Natural Area, located off of S Taft Hill Rd and W Prospect Rd. 


  • Rogers Park 

Take a step off the beaten path at Rogers Park, located west of City Park on W Mulberry St. Tucked away in the Rogers Park Neighborhood, enjoy a pleasant day of play at the park with your K9 companion. 


  • Overland Park 

Located on Virginia Dale Dr, Overland Park is a great place for you and your pupperonies to run wild and free. Enjoy the view of the mountain range from this large open space, planted near the base of Horsetooth Reservoir. 


  • Poudre Trail 

Stretching 21 miles across the front range along the Cache la Poudre River, the Poudre Trail is a great choice for those interested in exploring Fort Collins with their puppy pals. This trail can be accessed on Shields St. or in Lee Martinez Park. 


  • Lee Martinez Park 

What better place is there to take a load off and enjoy nature than at Lee Martinez Park? Located off N. Sherwood St, this large, in-city open space is the perfect place to play fetch and run wild with your pooch.  


  • Rolland Moore Park 

Located off of S. Shields St., Rolland Moore Park has so much to offer you and your furry friends. From a pond to open spaces, you and your pooch can stop by for a short walk or spend an entire day having fun in the sun at Rolland Moore Park.  


  • Spring Canyon Park 

Located at the west end of Horsetooth between Tafthill Rd and Overland Trail Rd, Spring Canyon Park offers everything you and your K9 pal could every need. With a pond and special dog park, along with their beautiful open space, you can fully expect a full day of fun with your furry friend.