RamRide. Is. Back.

RamRide. Is. Back. 

By Grace Bowen 

RamRide suspended operations for the Fall 2022 semester, but the new year is bringing the program back with improvements and a new model! The RamRide team has been working non-stop to support the volunteer program that CSU students know and love, so we are excited to reintroduce RamRide to you all! 

 “Our fundraising model has been reimagined to both suit the needs of our community and comply with new university policies.” -The RamRide Team  

 While RamRide was operating through Lyft last semester, our team was working in the background to accommodate student needs while being in compliance with University policies. The new model allows student organizations to earn $350, $650, or $1,000 by volunteering select members of organizations for the semester.  

 The pricing structure is as follows: 

  • ● $350 for volunteering ___ members and committing to __ shifts 
  • ● $650 for volunteering ___ members and committing to __ shifts 
  • ● $1,000 for volunteering ___ members and committing to __ shifts 

 This way, only a small number of people will have to go through the onboarding process. If the organization follows through with their self-appointed schedule, they will be able to earn money based on the number of hours they’ve volunteered.  

We are using a new scheduling platform called Sling as well. Once you and your organization have gone through training and contract signing, you will be able to go online and sign yourself up for volunteer shifts. This new scheduling method will allow students to plan their allotted hours ahead of time and reference their schedules as needed.  

This reimagination incorporates new volunteer onboarding processes which will take some time to get used to. The RamRide team recorded a virtual debrief covering the new layout. You watch that video and read more about this new volunteer model here: https://ramride.colostate.edu/volunteer-fundraise-with-ramride/ 

 We are excited to see you all this semester! Please feel free to contact us with questions.