Party Smart

Being a part of the college experience means a lot more than just education. Students have the opportunity to build new relationships, expose themselves to new experiences, and socialize in ways that only a college campus can provide. With that in mind, a sizable part of the University population likes to go out to the bars and attend house parties. However, it is important that our students party, not just in a fun, but safe environment.  


The Party Smart Program recognizes the reality of college life outside of the classroom. Therefore, Party Registration allows students to get a warning before receiving a noise citation, if they register their party through Off-Campus Life. It also prevents 98% of registered party users from receiving a $1,000+  noise fine.  


How the program works: 

If Fort Collins Police Services’ (FCPS) dispatch receives a noise complaint at your address, they will check the party registration list, and you will have 20 minutes from the time they first place a call to clear out your party. If they can’t reach you, dispatch will leave the first phone number a voicemail and call your secondary contact. Off-Campus Life and the City of Fort Collins sends your party information to the police department dispatch unit, and not police officers. When you are registering a party for the first time, you must come into the Off-Campus Life office to receive party smart tips and additional information; but, after the first time, you will be able to register your parties online if you don’t get any warnings or citations.  


Who the program is for: 

Party Registration was created in partnership with the City of Fort Collins to benefit both Fort Collins residents and CSU students. Therefore, there are suspensions put in place to protect Fort Collins residents from repeated disturbance.  


The suspension periods are as follows: 

  • A warning = 30 days 
  • A Noise or Social Host Citation = 90 days 
  • If this is a second citation within the academic year the address will not be able to register another party until August 1st 
  • A Nuisance Citation = 1 year from the date of issuance  


These suspensions are in place so we don’t encourage partying and repeatedly disturbing your neighbors on the weekends while maintaining benefits for students. However, an address can continue registering a party as long as there are no complaints or warnings issued. Our partnership with the City of Fort Collins is mutually beneficial and encourages students to foster good relationships with their neighbors.  


For more on Party Smart tips and the registration system contact us or refer to the documents attached this article.