Looking for Housing?

Are you looking for rental housing in Fort Collins or the surrounding areas? The following links can help you find a place to live off campus!

CSU RentalSearch

A great online site to look for housing if you are new to CSU and plan to live off campus. To use this site, you need your CSU eID and ePassword – the same information you use to log on to RamWeb. If you do not have an eID and ePassword yet, you can visit https://eid.colostate.edu/ to sign up for one today or you can contact our office at 970-491-2248 to receive a temporary password to RentalSearch. Once you are logged on to the Rental Search you will be able to:

  • List a profile of yourself as an available roommate
  • Search other profiles of available roommates
  • Find vacant listings and rooms to rent

Renting Without Residency

Visit our list of apartment complexes and property management companies that have rental application processes that allow for international students who do not have permanent residency. By no means is this a complete list, nor does it guarantee availability. You will need to contact each of them individually to determine current availability. This compiled list is not meant as an endorsement by Off-Campus Life and Colorado State University.

Community Housing List

CSU’s office of International Programs creates and fosters international activities, including education abroad opportunities, faculty initiatives and partnerships with universities around the world.  Their office keeps a list of community members who would like to rent rooms to international students who are studying at the university.

Contact their office to get information on the updated list: (970) 491-5917 or in person in Laurel Hall on the Northeast side of the oval.

Fort Collins International Center

FCIC is a non-profit community organization for those eager to learn about and share the riches of our world’s cultures with one person at a time. You may be interested in participating in International Friends Program, Or the Temporary Home stay (while this is not a long-term stay, it is a great way to get to meet international students at the start of every semester. You can stay for up to 5 nights for free in the house of a community member).

CSU International Rams

This Facebook group is available for international students at CSU to join.  Lots of these students use this group as a way to find housing, and other community members also use the page to list available housing for people from a preferred country/region/language etc.  Keep in mind that this is not an official housing posting site, such as RentalSearch, but it is a helpful resource to find housing in the area.

Northern Colorado Rentals

Another great online site to find housing in the CSU area, this site is similar to the CSU RentalSearch but is open to the entire Northern Colorado community. NorthernColoradoRentals.com is free to search and you don’t need to login. Just enter your search criteria to begin exploring your options! Note: Make sure when your results come up you change the “order by” to “date listed” instead of “virtual tours” to see the most recent listings.

Pods at Remington Row

The Pods on Remington is a small apartment complex that focuses on housing international students.  These are unique, well located, and in a quiet neighborhood. They offer contemporary living in an historic district. These living spaces are within walking and/or biking distance to Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado State University, and many different eateries around the area.  Each apartment has private bedrooms and bathrooms along with multiple other amenities.  For more information, visit their website (linked above).

Apartment Complex List

This list can also be helpful in your search for housing. Formatted as an Excel spreadsheet with information about most of the apartment complexes in Fort Collins. Using this table you are able to compare rent prices, distance from the CSU campus, lease terms, and amenities. In the left column you will also find contact information for each of the apartment complexes and a link to their website if they have one.

Property Management List

Interested in renting a house instead of an apartment? In Fort Collins most houses, duplexes, condos, and town homes are rented out through property management companies. Visit our list of property management companies in Fort Collins for their contact information. To learn more about their available properties, visit their websites or call them directly and tell them what kind of place you want to live in.

The Closest Apartments to Campus

Fort Collins has a fantastic public transport system that can take you directly to the CSU campus. However, if you are looking for an apartment within walking or biking distance, click on the header for a Google Map of the closest apartment complexes to campus (this map does not show the location of all of the apartments in Fort Collins, just the student-friendly complexes closest to campus.