Gearing Up for Finals & Summer Break!

Gearing up for Finals and Summer Break!

By: Sophie Emerson


We’re almost there Rams! With two more weeks left of school after a long winter and a cold spring, summer is finally around the corner. However, these last two weeks can feel daunting, so here are some things that you can do to help. We’ve all heard them before, but seriously, try ‘em out. If anything, it’ll be a good distraction from all your work.

For starters, getting up and getting your eyes off of your computer is a game changer. There is only so much you can do before your brain gets fried, especially at the end of the year when the sun is finally starting to bring us to higher temperatures. Getting your body moving by going for a short walk outside can help to clear your mind and help you feel refreshed when you return to studying.

Change your environment. Studying in the same place such as the library or your dorm can get tiring. Relocating to a new place such as a park or a coffee shop downtown, or studying with friends can really help, especially when you are surrounded by people who are being productive. Environment makes a huge difference.

With all this hard work you’re putting into these last few weeks, it is important to allow yourself to rest. The stress of finals definitely gets to all of us, and you deserve some self-care time and some good sleep. Make sure to carve out time to do some of your hobbies and take a little siesta to reset. Remember to take it easy on yourself and remember that you’ve only got to push through for a little bit longer. You’ve got this!

And finally, to the Rams that are graduating this spring, congratulations!! Special congratulations to our own Off-Campus Life staff that are graduating this spring: Malia Berry, Grace Bowen, and Olivia Mayer!