There are many resources available to members of the Fort Collins Community looking for affordable housing options.

The City of Fort Collins has made a commitment to offer many programs to educate community members about the options they have for affordable living. These programs are offered for all members of the community including students. Click here for a list of current programs being offered by the City of Fort Collins and to learn how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Another great resource for low-income and affordable housing in the Fort Collins area is Fort Collins Housing Authority. The FCHA offers help in finding housing and rental solutions based off of your income. The properties involved in FCHA are all owned by non-profit public entities and ensure that all of their properties are discrimination free. Their site features a property search of over 700 low-income or affordable housing choices, a comprehensive walk-through of the application process, frequently asked questions about affordable living options, and much more. Click here to view their website and learn more about their inexpensive and flexible properties.

There are also resources available from the federal government. The government defines affordable housing as paying no more than 30% of your annual income to housing. If you pay more, you may be considered financially burdened. There are grants and loans available through the U.S. Department of Housing to those who qualify as well as programs available for those needing assistance. Click here to view the Community Planning and Development Affordable Housing Page.

If you know you qualify for Section 8 Housing, visit to begin your search.


Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8)
  • Provides rental assistance for participants toward the cost of moderate housing in the private rental market
  • Applicants must earn no more than 50% of area median income (AMI) for their family size
  • Other eligibility guidelines:
    • Applicants must meet citizenship or eligible immigration requirements
    • Household members 18 years of age or older must have a background free of recent violent or drug-related criminal activity
    • Household members may not owe money to another housing authority because of a previous tenancy
  • Waiting list currently closed except for VA and Larimer County Human Services referrals
  • Participating Landlords List


Area Median Income Eligibility Requirements

Project-Based Vouchers
  • Part of Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program
  • Portion of vouchers set aside for specific units
  • Participants must live in PBV unit for 1 yr., then can request HCV used toward unit in private rental market
  • Same eligibility guidelines & income requirements for HCV (no more than 50% AMI)
  • Participating Landlords: Legacy Senior Residences, Redtail Ponds Permanent Supportive Housing, Villages and the owner of the Northern Hotel
Public Housing
  • Moderately priced housing owned by the Housing Authority and subsidized by the federal government
  • Participants must earn no more than 80% AMI for their family size
  • Same eligibility guidelines for HCV
  • Various locations throughout Fort Collins and Wellington
  • Waiting list closed in FoCo, open in Wellington
Single Room Occupancy (SRO)
  • Provides rooms for homeless individuals in Fort Collins; rental assistance provided by federal government and administered by FCHA
  • Applicants must be homeless at time of admission and earn no more than 50% AMI
  • Same eligibility guidelines for HCV
  • Two properties in FC owned by Villages; room provided; shared common areas; resident manager
  • Waiting list currently closed
Villages Affordable Housing
  • The Villages apartment communities are managed by FCHA and owned by Villages, Ltd., a nonprofit organization that was formed to extend the capabilities of FCHA beyond the scope of federal programs. These rental units are located throughout Fort Collins and offer comfort and style along with economy.
  • Villages website
Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Combines affordable housing with services that help people who face the most complex challenges to live with stability, autonomy and dignity
  • Provides long-term housing by offering one- and two-bedroom apartments with onsite services
  • Designed to meet the special housing needs of formerly homeless households with disabilities and homeless veterans
  • A 60-unit apartment community with 25 units that are rented to previously homeless individuals with a disability; 15 units to previously homeless veterans; and 20 units to low/moderate income individuals from our community
Resident Services Programs
  • Helps families move out of poverty and become free from public assistance with the following self-sufficiency programs
  • Family Self-Sufficiency – help set goals; referrals
  • Home Ownership Program – for current HCV holders; assist with mortgage payment and coaching throughout process


Section 8 Communities
  • Participants pay no more than 30% of adjusted monthly income toward rent; difference subsidized by HUD
  • Applicants must earn no more than 30% AMI for their family size
  • N2N Section 8 communities:
    • Coachlight Plaza Apts. – 68 units; 1-2 yr. waitlist
    • Crabtree Apts. – 8 townhomes; 1-2 yr. waitlist
Affordable Housing Program
  • Participants pay no more than 30% of adjusted monthly income toward rent; difference subsidized by HUD
  • Tenants must earn enough to cover the entire rent, which is below market-rate
  • Designed for individuals and families who earn between 30%-60% AMI
  • List of affordable housing rental apts.:
    • Azalvea Drive Apts.
    • Aztec Drive Townhomes
    • Clearview Drive Apts.
    • Conifer Apts.
    • Ponderosa Drive Apts.
    • The Willows Senior Housing
    • Triplex Apts.
Other Services
  • Homeownership Program
    • Homebuyer Education
    • Advising
  • Housing Assistance
    • Emergency Rent
    • First Month’s Rent
    • Housing Search
    • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling


Affordable Housing

The City of Fort Collins believes one of the keys to a healthy community is the ability to house its residents in good quality, affordable housing. The City plays an important role facilitating the supply of affordable housing, including allocating local, state, and federal funding to housing providers, setting policies and regulations, and coordinating with housing developers and initiatives.

Check out their website for a map and information about affordable housing in Fort Collins.


Read about resources for people currently experiencing homelessness and the City’s work towards ending homelessness here.

Other Resources

Check out the City’s Social Sustainability main website for information about more resources such as childcare, home buyer’s assistance, and human services.