Off-Campus Life


CSU Surplus

What happens to all that sweet CSU gear when CSU decides to refurbish, upgrade or redecorate? Well, it gets passed on to Surplus Property Services who then sell the items directly to you...for CHEAP! The main objective of Surplus Property Services is to "provide an opportunity for the reallocation of still-usable item[s]." In other words, the school wants to recycle items into your house first and earn money second. The cheap train is a-runnin', jump aboard.

 Items for sale

                        Computers (laptops, pentium 3 and 4)

                        Scanners, fax machines, printers

                        Tables, desks, chairs, shelves

                                                                              and more...


The items in stock change daily, so stop back often! Feel free to call Surplus Property Services at 491-1918. Surplus Property Services is located on the south side of Lake St. just west of the Railroad crossing. Click here for Mapquest directions.