Party Packs


Party packs are designed to help students have fun and entertain friends without disturbing neighbors, violating the law, destroying property, endangering yourself or others, or getting the police involved.

One party pack contains:

  • Party Pack Water Bottle
  • Calculate your Blood Alcohol card
  • Trash bag for cleanup
  • Neighbor Notice Sheets to inform your neighbors of your party
  • Emergency Contact Card
  • Art of Neighboring brochure
  • Marijuana + You brochure
  • Various useful items (magnets, cards, etc.) for your use containing useful information

Party Packs are free of charge and can be picked up from the Off-Campus Life Office at CSU (Room 274, Lory Student Center).


The party pack program is a collaborative effort sponsored by: Off-Campus Life and City of Fort Collins--Neighborhood Services Office

Colorado State Univrsity