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Fall Clean Up is on Saturday, November 3rd, 9:00am-2:00pm.




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This year there are three different opportunities for you to volunteer for Fall Clean Up.

The first is in the traditional opportunity of being paired with a neighbor and completing yard work for that neighbor from 9:00am-2:00pm.

The second is just as important and involves riding along and picking up the bags of leaves from the neighbors’ homes and unloading them at a recycling yard. This option is a commitment on Sunday, November 4th (late morning-early afternoon).  You will be paired with a city staff member and a vehicle will be provided. For this volunteer option you will be provided lunch.

The third option is also vital to this event.  You would be at the leaf drop off location helping to unload bags of leaves from the trucks.  This commitment is on Sunday, November 4th (late morning-early afternoon)

If your group is willing to volunteer on both November 3rd and 4th, know that you will only be assigned to volunteer one of those days.  

Please indicate below for which option(s) you are willing to volunteer.  


*A team leader serves as the manager of the group and liaison between Off-Campus Life and your group or organization. This role includes attending a mandatory Information and Training meeting at one of the times listed above. It also includes contacting your neighbor no later than Wednesday, October 31st, to confirm your project. In addition, the team leader will manage your group's logistics on November 3rd (or 4th) for Fall Clean Up AND MUST BE PRESENT ON THAT DAY.  A team leader is also responsible for making sure that all team members complete a liability waiver form. All participants must have a signed a liability waiver to participate in Fall Clean Up. 



Also, transportation is not provided but will be needed for most projects.

If you have further questions please contact Off-Campus Life, (970) 491-2248 or

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